Your Questions and Answers

Welcome back to the type-down of the humble contents of my head everybody out there! I want to first thank you for your plentyful comments on my first post, which at the same time answers the question of a certain ‚Lea Literaturgeschichte‘, sent in via whatsapp (like every other one of them).

Answers to your Questions

She asked whether or not comments are welcomed? Yes Lea, absolutely, I appreciate the fuck ot of all feedback, praise or criticism, short or long, nice or rude, written or mouth-to-ear! Others‘ questions included:

How often will you post on the blog? I will try to post 1-2 times a week.

Who is the blog meant for? The Nobel Peace of Mind Prize Committee. No, seriously, I am not sure yet but so far it seams as if a plethora of diverse people found the topic interesting. Of course, since they were all friends of mine, the data could be misleading but I’ll take it for starters.

Feeding Back the Feedback

All the received comments were thoughtful, informative and helpful. Thanks for taking the time! I want to note a few of them as follows.

In addition to the above-mentioned question, Lea also thinks that the first post is interesting and personal (thank you), that attention as a ressource is an exciting and important topic (I agree).

Thank you Karl for your comment, from a spiritual perspective, that energy follows attention and attention must be directed and also thank you for referring me to the practice of Isha Kriya, which so far has been unknown to me and which I already tried out with great enthusiasm!

I want to thank Alex (not me) for pointing out that attention and awareness are a huge topic in the field of psychology right now and that looking there could be useful to get a clearer picture on the scientifically defined vocabulary. Also she wrote that it is interesting to see it explored from a different perspective out of here own métier (I like to hear that)!

Hanna sent a lot of flattering reflections on my post which I appreciate a lot (thank you for that!), among them that „…this whole map-awareness-material-thingy could become somewhat of a tool, to help visualize how we create and shape and actively ignore parts of the world.“ She said she’s been left electrified and inspired by the first post. Thanks a lot!

And then, last but never least, Denis commented that the he likes the quote about simple awareness being the seed of responsibility and that he can actually use it to argue for a lot of stuff he is arguing about. Thanks for that and all your othet comments, too!

I am already working on the next post, so stay tuned or just relax, lean back and let me alert you as soon as it is ready 😉

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